Corrina Repp Shares Video For Single “The Shore”

Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist Corrina Repp has released her new album Island via Jealous Butcher Records. To celebrate the release, today Repp shares the video for “The Shore,” a blissful hymn to human connection. Like much of the music found within Island, it opens with deceptively simple strumming, a quiet story already forming as Corrina’s vocal harmonies fill the space, charging the air with emotion before a single word has been uttered. Musically sparse yet profoundly intimate, this song sums up a basic truth of humanity, as Repp explains, “I’ve often felt that when it comes to love, our bodies seem to know more than our minds do. In this song, I’m allowing the heart to leave the body to explore the truest feeling of love.” Today’s release follows two previous singles, the dreamlike “One Summer” and the serene “Count The Tear Drops.”

Island is Corrina’s first self-written and self-recorded album, produced in a tiny apartment on a hill in Echo Park during a time of isolation at the start of the pandemic. Resonant and resolute, the album is suffused with peaceful energy, touching on universal themes while existing as a document of Corrina’s inner life during that time. Hyper-focused due to these limits, Repp drew on her natural strengths of voice and guitar, resulting in music even more markedly intimate than her previous work. Island spans everything from haunting folk to exploratory guitar to cinematic pop, with Corrina’s voice and instrument taking turns sharing center stage. In Corrina’s sparse yet emotive way, her album calmly presents a score for our everyday lives that is as elegant as it is frank in both form and substance.

Currently based in Los Angeles, Corrina Repp originally emerged in the Portland scene where, across six albums, the critically acclaimed guitarist and singer-songwriter developed her sound and carved out a space for her music. During that time, she also joined experimental indie rock band Tu Fawning, which allowed her to explore and hone her skills in a quartet setting. In addition to her musical history, Corrina has graced television screens across the country, thanks to recurring turns on Portlandia and an on-screen performance of her song “Lightest Light” on FX’s Better Things. The critically acclaimed show also featured Repp’s “Release Me,” as did others like Netflix’sOrange Is The New Black, and The Fosters. Her song “Only A Beat” was also featured in the credits of the Netflix film, Mercy Black

Photo Courtesy: Persephone Spear