Codefendants Return With “Bad Business” Featuring N8NOFACE

If there ever was a ‘WTF’ moment, this is probably it. In just a few short months since announcing the debut of the Codefendants, the group comprised of Fat Mike, Ceschi Ramos, and Sam King, no other group has picked up steam so much quicker than it has. The band has released its latest single “Bad Business,” its collaborative effort with noise rocker N8NOFACE which is fitted well conceptually with it’s theme within the visual aspect of previous releases. This time around with “Bad Business,” the imagery is gloriously violent, from the streets, crooked cops, and courtroom antics to prison life.

For the song and video, N8NOFACE is the one that shines here, playing his shot-caller role perfectly. At his side is Gel Roc, making a cameo appearance. The video was directed by the Indecline Art Collective.