Chris Conde Shares Video “Year Of The Queer Feat. F. Virtue (Remix)”

Last year saw the release of not one but two releases by the young rapper hailing from the great state of Texas, Chris Conde. In January of 2019 he shared his self-released album Growing Up Gay, which afforded him the opportunity to exorcise his own inner demons and give him the ability to tell his story. The album is filled with 19 tracks that hit perfectly around every curve. That release was followed up at the tail end of the year with Conde Digital (Fake Four Inc.), a slithering 5-song E.P. filled with venom, produced by Moody Black. This release could be described as the discovery of fire itself.

Conde recently shared the video for “Year OF The Queer feat. F. Virtue (Remix).” The original featured Moodie Black’s K. Death and on the remix, Conde shares barbs with F. Virtue who can definitely hold his own. With the video, set in New York City, the rappers bounce from location to location, simply spitting venomous yet clever wordplay.

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