Ceschi & Siul Hughes Shares Video “Poltergeist” And Share Thoughts On The Release

At the tail end of 2020, the collaborative DRKWLKR 7″ single between Ceschi & Siul Hughes was released and much like many limited releases, it quickly sold out. Songs, which include “Poltergeist” and “The Notion” on the vinyl release were produced by Void Pedal, sans “DRKWLKR” which was produced by Factor Chandelier.

The duo recently shared the video for “Poltergeist,” which doubles as its lyric video, exposing the challenges but individuals deal with on a daily basis, never trivializing literal hearts worn on sleeves. Speaking briefly regarding the song and video, both Ceschi and Siul offered some intuitive responses.

How did this song come together?

Ceschi: The song came together in a hotel room in Minneapolis. On a whim, Sketch The Cataclysm & myself drove out o New Haven, picked up Siul Hughes in Cincinnati & ventured out to the indie rap Mecca of Minneapolis to do some shows with Moodie Black. In one manic afternoon – Hughes came up with the choruses to both Void Pedal beats I had been sitting on for years at that point. Felt like magic – and came together naturally. We recorded in Moodie Black’s basement.

What does the song mean to you?

Ceschi: My part of the song references Neutral Milk Hotel’s In The Aeroplane Over The Sea. “How strange to be anything at all.” It’s written from the perspective of two wanderers navigating through life, while death seems to be waiting around every corner.

Siul: I was a little depressed because I just felt like I was being held back, you know? I Left Connecticut and only came back to perform since it’s all I do anyway. Did a show with Ceschi in Columbus, Ohio, then found somewhere to stay & record out there. So I was kind of living out my car just to make an album but not really ’cause I have places to stay and shows lined up, but still not comfortable anywhere. We went on tour with Moodie Black for their 2018 album Lucas Acid. I stayed at the Moodhouse in Minneapolis for like 4 days. I write thoughts on my phone and I was already feeling like I’m out here fucking my future up, giving up stability for this dream. I really started feeling like that in Connecticut – but then I step outside of the box, accomplish what I set out to do on my own, and STILL feel like that – it’s like why the fuck I’m out here trying to prove myself to ppl who aren’t even here with me?? Am I even here with me?? WTF is life!? hahahaha 

Thoughts on the video?

Ceschi: Morgans Brother (director) reached out really wanting to do a video for this song. He does something called “transformative” video work, which incorporates lyric video, animation, collage & video elements into one. I was blown away by what Morgans Brother did on this one.

Siul: It’s like I don’t wanna’ die but I don’t wanna’ live feeling how it felt before I risked it all (some) more.