Blur drummer Dave Rowntree Shares “Devil’s Island”

Blur drummer DAVE ROWNTREE is pleased to share the video for his new single, “Devil’s Island.” The track is lifted from his debut album, Radio Songs (Cooking Vinyl), set for release on January 20, 2023. It was shot on location in the UK, stretching from Hythe to Dungeness, Kent with director Guy Gotto.

Dave Rowntree on the Devil’s Island video:

“I was keen to work with Guy Gotto, who makes gorgeous and interesting video art. He visualized the song as a journey through a bleak but beautiful landscape. We decided to film along the narrow gauge railway from Hythe to Dungeness, which runs through some of the most desolate but dazzling landscape in the country. A vista of abandoned boats, lighthouses and drama. The drama reached fever pitch when we were thrown off the estate for not having a permit. A bleak end to a beautiful day.”