Blueprint Shares “Watch It Burn”

We last heard from Cincinnati, Ohio emcee Blueprint back in 2018, after the release of his album Two-Headed Monster (Weightless), another classic look and feel of the well-versed recording artist. That doesn’t mean the musician hasn’t been busy. On the contrary, Blueprint has spent his time with the Super Duty Tough Work podcast, alongside fellow Cincy rapper Illogic, as well as releasing the 2019 book, What A Night: A Book About the Worst Shows of My Career, 2020’s 10 Traits Of Successful Hip-Hop Artists, and this year’s The Social Media Cheat Code. Yeah, he’s been busy.

As he dabble in a variety of mediums, today Blueprint offers up the first new music since 2018 with the video for the single “Watch It Burn.” Musically, the track is unapologetically Blueprint, with his classic & recognizable beat mastery and lyrical tongue-twisting.

Of the track, Blueprint offers, “The track ‘Watch It Burn’ is my attempt to write about the feeling that people have when they’re tired of trying to make change happen through conventional means or through the political process. The song’s title is a reference to the movie Dark Knight Returns, where they were speaking about the Joker and how some people can’t be bought. They’re just there to watch everything burn.