Belgican (Belgian / African) Emcee Badi Shares Video “Chocolat”

Nigerian singer J.O.J. brings a suave and modern touch to this collaboration and the impeccable production sound of Boddhi Satva pushes Badi to reveal his playful side. ‘Chocolat’ is off of Badi’s new album Trouble Fête (BBE Music). In the official video for ‘Chocolat’, Badi shares the screen with model Raissa Niyonsarai. The clip is directed by Mister Marabout and shot at Café Congo, Studio City Gate and Fabian Sanguinetti photo studio.

In his new song ‘Chocolat’, Belgican (Belgian / African) rapper Badi pays tribute to the power and beauty of black bodies. Between sensuality and spice, fantasy and fear, hanging from lips or trees, chocolate remains a forbidden fruit.