Aesop Rock Shares Video “Jumping Coffin”

Aesop Rock has just shared another installment in the visual saga surrounding last year’s masterstroke album Spirit World Field Guide (Rhymesayers Entertainment). “Jumping Coffin” deviates from the episodic narrative established in the previous videos (“The Gates,” “Pizza Alley,” and “Coveralls”). Like the previous installments, the visual was directed by Aesop’s longtime collaborator Rob Shaw, who rotoscoped animation on top of action footage of renowned professional skaters Emile Laurent, Enzo Kurmaskie, Anthony Del Togno Armanasco, and Silas Baxter-Neal, yielding hallucinatory images of skeletons shredding with reckless abandon.

The video is a marked and notable departure from Aesop’s previous release, the bespoke single “Long Legged Larry,” an ode to a particularly heroic and altruistic frog created in partnership with illustrator Jeremy Fish.