Aesop Rock Shares “Infinity Fill Goose Down”

Aesop Rock has shared “Infinity Fill Goose Down” and an accompanying lyric video from his forthcoming album Integrated Tech Solutions (out November 10 via Rhymesayers Entertainment). The self-produced track is a kaleidoscopic collage of aural microdetails replete with a seamless beat switch that epitomizes Aes’s immeasurably hooky refrain that he is “always into something.” Widely regarded as one of the most verbose MCs to ever wield a pen, the song’s lyric video is essentially a masterclass in wordcraft, all presented in Aes’ own writing. The album’s fictional corporate namesake (not a cult) offered the following statement on the song: “Breaking away from unhealthy routines can be extremely difficult. Allow our ITS™ risk/reward analysts access to your mind prison and let us help to guide you towards a low-risk high-reward jailbreak via algorithms. Once outside, ITS Redphone™ will be available to you every step of the way until your tech is integrated to your satisfaction. Every time.”

Largely self-produced, Integrated Tech Solutions catches Aesop Rock at his leanest and most innovative with features ranging from billy woods, Hanni El Khatib, Rob Sonic, Nikki Jean, and Lealani amid a streamlined psychedelic production style. Always on the search for new sources of creative invigoration, Aesop worked on many of the beats for the album while traveling, traditionally a part of his process that he would only do at home in the studio. The effect of the constantly shifting external stimuli is a record that sounds like an organism growing, mutating, and teetering on edge of abyss. “Infinity Fill Goose Down” joins the ranks with other recent album singles “By The River,” a celebration of bodies of water big and small, and the album’s inadvertent mission statement “Mindful Solutionism,” which charts humanity’s progress from the wheel to modern agriculture before taking a misguided hairpin turn into atomic bombs, cigarettes, and surveillance cameras.