Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish Present “Long Legged Larry”

Longtime artistic allies Aesop Rock and Jeremy Fish have teamed up to share their latest collaboration: “Long Legged Larry”. Larry is a particularly altruistic and well-abled frog, who hops from place to place looking to help ease folks’ troubles. Fresh off his acclaimed album Spirit World Field Guide, MC/producer Aesop Rock has documented three instances of Larry’s valiance in a brand new song, brought to life through the magic of stop-motion animation in a music video by Rob Shaw.

Larry’s visual realization was conceived by draftsman and renowned amphibian consultant Jeremy Fish, who created the song’s artwork, and also granted Larry a material world counterpoint in the form of a beautiful beanbag toy with sick shorts and a big beard. The toy is available to order now along with a whole collection of Larry-inspired merch and accessories, as well as a physical release of the new song on 7” vinyl format.