ACZINO Shares Fiery “Primero Lo Primero” 

The life of Mauricio Hernández González, better known as Aczino, is a story of inspiration and struggle, as reflected in “Primero Lo Primero,” the first single from his upcoming album, in which his flaming tongue tells us about his path to becoming an absolute legend of Latin American Hip Hop.

Thanks to a beat inspired by the hip-hop aesthetics of Los Angeles around 2000, “Mau” tells us in each rhyme what things initially motivated him to become the greatest of all time, as well as all the obstacles he had to overcome in the process. “In this song,” says Mauricio, “I wanted to talk about the struggles that every rapper has when starting from the bottom, as well as the things we must rely on to achieve our goals. It’s not an easy way, but with the right amount of passion, it is achieved.”

This spirit is captured in the video for “Primero Lo Primero,” where Aczino, accompanied by a group of friends, rob a bank, in a metaphor of himself as an MC stealing the Hip Hop scene in Mexico and the rest of the Spanish-speaking world, thanks to the verbal and mental dexterity that make up its best weapon: his rhymes.