Song Premiere | Costal Club, ‘lost my head’

On July 19, Cincinnati, Ohio’s Coastal Club releases All of the Things You Said. The indie pop trio known for its infectious guitar-driven hooks, and uplifting, high-spirited anthems, consists of drummer David McGuire, lead guitarist and vocalist Avery Benter, and lead singer and guitarist, Alex Hirlinger.

Drawing from influences like Young the Giant and COIN, Coastal Club exudes a refreshing sense of optimism and joy through their music, while creating a sonic landscape that is both electrifying and comforting. The album is mostly an aural journal that, in writing, helped the band make sense of their religious upbringing, and why people chose to believe things they’re taught from a young age. However, peppered throughout the project, are songs that deal with finding love and resolution along the way.

Of the track, Hirlinger says, “Within the lyrical atmosphere of Coastal Club’s latest song, ‘lost my head,’ lies an exploration of the tumultuous terrain of the mind. [It] paints a vivid portrait of the inner turmoil that accompanies the experience of having your reality distorted by others, where the very ground beneath your feet seems to shift with each passing moment. Through brooding melodies and a driving rhythm, [we] capture the disorienting feeling of questioning your own sanity in the face of relentless manipulation.

“We’re inviting listeners on a cathartic journey through the depths of the psyche. ‘lost my head’ is more than just a song — it’s a beacon of solidarity for those who have felt the dizzying effects of having their reality manipulated by others and a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of adversity.”

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Photo by Christian Gough