9m88 Shares Video For ”Love Is So Cruel”

Taiwanese R&B singer, actress, and creative artist 9m88 (pronounced “Jo-m-Baba”) released her sophomore album 9m88 Radio via her label Jazz Baby Co. and Waves Collective. The album was crafted in collaboration with an international roster of musicians and producers like Oddisee (USA), Arthur Moon (USA), Silas Short (USA), StarRo (Japan), SUMIN (South Korea), and more. Floating between genres, as if switching channels between different radio stations, the album digs deep into the psyche of a young woman in the modern world by exploring themes of relationship struggles, internal doubt, self-expectations, and growing a career. “This is a journey of tidying up my bedroom, healing my inner shadows, and returning to one’s own-being,” 9m88 says.

Alongside the release, 9m88 also shared the video for “Love Is So Cruel.” It’s a laid-back track buoyed by a jazzy R&B groove, courtesy of Arthur Moon’s production, about the strung-out ending of a relationship. 9m88 explains, “It’s a bittersweet song talking about two just-broken-up lovers who keep bumping into each other. They still have some feelings for each other, but not quite enough to fall in love again.”

9m88 will also be performing at the MetaMoon Music Festival at Barclays Center in Brooklyn on November 26, featuring Lay Zhang, Karencici, ØZI, Sury Su, and more, hosted by MC Jin. Tickets can be purchased here.

Photo Courtesy: Jac Chung Wan