Young Franco Shares Video "Juice feat. Pell"

Young Franco’s golden run continues into 2020 with  ‘Juice’  featuring  Louisiana rapper Pell. From extensive radio plays globally, including guest mix duties on BBCR1’s Diplo and Friends, to sold-out tours, it appears that the Brisbane born vibe connoisseur is in no way looking to halt his momentum.

While letting the single do its work, Young Franco took the time to fly over to Los Angeles and link up with Pell to film the official music video for ‘Juice’. The track itself sits in a playful realm, so it was fitting that the video did too. Stylistically paying homage to The Beastie Boys, Franco and Pell are seen trying to evade their worst juice nightmare through the streets of LA

On the video, Young Franco explains; “This video was particularly exciting to work on because it was an opportunity to shoot in the USA and to have Pell feature in the video. Because the song means so much to both of us it was essential to be featured in it together. I think the energy Pell brought was so great and really elevated the video in ways I couldn’t. Talking to the director and bouncing ideas back and forth was also very helpful for the creative process. It really felt like a fluid process and the vision came out exactly how I wanted it. AND I got to drive a vintage car down LA streets lol.”