Zine Digest: Galactic Zoo Dossier #9

The Galactic Zoo Dossier is a labor of love from Chicago’s Plastic Crime Wave. A combination of interviews (Arthur Brown, Black Widow’s Clive Jones, Sixtoo Rodriguez, among others), articles (egg, World of Oz, Curtis Knight, White Witch, to name but a few) and a bevy of fucked up comics, Plastic Crime Wave has assembled a huge collection of out there shit with the ninth issue. Hell, there’s even a profile that makes Gordon Lightfoot sound awesome. Not content to expand your mind with mere words, he’s also assembled quite the compilation CD for this issue full of crazy shit you’ve never heard of that will blow your mind. This thing is filled with truly fucked up stuff, and I mean that in the most sincere, loving way I can. If you’re looking for something engaging to do this summer, this is a master class in obscure music from someone who knows his business. I’ve discovered so much cool underground 60s and 70s music from the last couple issues that I’ll blindly pick these up every time. (Drag City) by Andrew Lampela