Xenia Rubinos Drops Double Single "Diosa" & "Bugeisha"

Today, the chameleon-like musician Xenia Rubinos shares her new double single “Diosa” & “Bugeisha.” The singles come as a surprise although teasing fans on social media with cryptic posts regarding new music.

Rubinos has also shared the video for “Diosa,” with colorful and vibrant images that she can’t contain, moving and dancing as she always does.

Of the tracks, Rubinos offers, “These tracks mark a different language for me and are both more electronic and aggressive than my previous work. They are both anthems of female ferocity and power. I thought that was the perfect energy to lead into 2020 with.

She adds, “‘DIOSA’ is a track I’d had in mind for a long time. The hook is what I envisioned myself chanting to a friend or a woman I admired to encourage her to keep going and to feel in her power. Diosa (goddess), Reina (queen), Chula (hottie), Bella (beautiful) – I envisioned women getting ready, looking themselves in the mirror, dancing solo in their rooms- it’s an anthem to hype yourself up and start something.

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