Video/Song Premiere: The Curls, “Tidal Wave”

Now that most of us are in the midst of a heatwave across the United States, perhaps we need a little something to cool us off.  Something that will get us to that happy place in our minds.  Chicago based group The Curls have just the thing you need.
Today, we are happy to premiere the video/single “Tidal Wave”, which will be featured on The Curls forthcoming album.  “The track showcases our further evolution of combining our affection for pop sensibilities with psychedelic soundscapes,” says Mick Fansler. “It also allowed us another opportunity to explore the idea of becoming content and one with the things that freak us out: mortality, becoming a prisoner of the mind, searching for a sense of home and peace as we get older, societal vs. self expectations. And once you get over all that pretentious shit, it’s really just a Summer banger, baby!”

The accompanying video is the second installment of a series of home movies Mick and Jan (married, bandmates) have been creating for tracks off the upcoming record. “We captured the footage while on a spiritual journey in Humboldt Park in Chicago one early Summer afternoon. We are continuing to make progress on this new record, and the public should expect to see more exciting multimedia projects from us in the next few months.”

The Curls are shooting to have the new album out sometime at the end of year, beginning of next.  In the meantime, you can catch the band perform at Pitchfork Music Festival next Friday.  You can also see them on their North American tour from August 8 to the 25th.  Cities and dates will be released soon, but the band has confirmed Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, New York City, Philadelphia, Asheville, Athens, GA are a few spots locked in.