Video Premiere: Wons Phreely, "The Night Has An Alibi"

In his punchy new single, “The Night Has an Alibi,” Wons Phreely reckons with that uneasy feeling when you know you’re meant to be someplace else. Maybe it hits while meeting your significant other’s parents for the first time, around a holiday dinner table with family you only see once a year, or even hanging with your old high-school friends who are now in different places in their lives.
Don’t be fooled, he’s no mere indie-balladeer introvert. Phreely (AKA Justin Wonsly) takes these feelings of self doubt and turns them into anthemic mixes of pounding drums and pulsating synths that make you want to hop into a vintage ’80s mustang and hit the open road on your way to that place you are meant to be. As he sings on “Alibi,” “Sister I know we should settle but I can’t live a lie / I just get this feeling like I might explode inside.”
His new video for “The Night Has An Alibi” finds him dreaming bigger and bolder than before—not only directing and producing but also creating all the mind-boggling (and slightly creepy) digital video effects.
Phreely grew up in Perth, Australia (the most isolated capital city in the world), where many families and his own peers had built their lives around a thriving mining industry. Early on, though, he realized he was destined to forge his own path. “Mining is all there is to talk about there,” Phreely says. “I needed to get out, to find a place where all the dreamers, weirdos and storytellers collect together.”
In 2015, he followed his muse and set out for Los Angeles. Since relocating, Phreely has taken nicely to his new surroundings. Last year’s single, “Stars,” was featured as Today’s Top Tune on influential Los Angeles radio station KCRW.
Beyond his new single, Phreely—along with his backing band The Horses—is continuing to hone his craft as a performer. And they have a full LP ready to follow in 2018—stay tuned.
Enjoy the video below.