Video Premiere: Virginia Violet and the Rays, “Go On Without Me”

As many know, Detroit has always been a hotbed of rich Motown music.  Years have come and gone obviously, but the heart and soul of the city and its influence with music still have people coming.  For the Virginia Violet and the Rays, they want to keep the spirit alive in their own way.  The band is doing so by bringing Motown into to the 21st century.  Lead by Virginia’s driving and distinct vocal style, the group proliferates an intoxicating energy reminiscent of the days when Otis Redding and Martha Reeves reign supreme.
Ghettoblaster is proud the premiere the video to the single “Go On Without Me”.  Here’s Virginia Violet on the song:
“‘Go On Without Me’ is a story of betrayal. It’s a tale of a couple who have fallen on hard times and decide to rob a bank. They carefully plan the operation vowing to stick together till the end. Things go south and in an onslaught of gunfire, her lover is shot. He tells her he will take the blame for the crime so she can save herself but by the time she realizes he has ratted on her, it’s too late.”

The single will be featured on the band’s upcoming album On the Fringe, due out on May 11.  Here’s bandmate Joe Myers:
“The album On the Fringe is a compilation of songs written by Virginia and I over the span of a year. We didn’t set out for the album to have a centralized theme, but a lot of our songs deal with trust and risk-taking. We love Northern Soul and Motown AND we’re from Detroit so our writing is heavily influenced by the musical history we’re reminded of every day.”
Virginia Violet and the Rays will be having a album release show on May 11th at Loving Touch.  For details, click here.  
To get your tickets for the show, click here.