Video Premiere: The Two Tens, "Friends"

The Two Tens have just released the follow-up effort to their acclaimed debut album Volume. Not only have the themes of heartbreak, heartache and depression reared their heads again on the L.A.-based duo’s new studio LP, On Repeat, but the pile-driving rock that dominates these 13 original tracks, along with a bludgeoning cover of Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s “Nerve Damage!,” are an equal and familiar punch-in-the-gut. Building on the raw garage-punk that dominated their previous effort, the duo has also expanded their musical palette to include a poppier edge to some of the tracks. “
The band recorded and tracked three songs for the album with John Fields at his Minneapolis studio, Creation Audio. Like Volume before it, they had producer/manager Bruce Duff produce the rest of the songs for On Repeat, with Paul Roessler engineering at Kitten Robot Studios and Toneduff Studio.
Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of premiering the band’s video for “Friends.” This is what they had to say about it:
“’Friends’ is literally an ode to my closest friends that were there for me when I was at a very low point.” Adam Bones says. “Friends are really important and I am fortunate to have good quality friends that care about me and that I love. As for the video itself, we wanted our actual friends to be featured so that it would be true to the theme of the song. And it ended up being a super fun video that takes the watcher on the road with us and behind the scenes of it all.”
“A lot of the footage from the video was filmed during the largest tour we did last year,” adds Rikki Styxx. “It was an insane tour and we definitely made some new friends. The best part of the tour was ending in L.A. and filming the majority of the video with our friends and releasing our first album on vinyl at El Cid. My best friend from Denver even flew out to celebrate with us.”

(The Two Tens’ On Repeat is out now on vinyl, CD, digital and streaming formats via Man Della Records. Order On Repeat via iTunes / Google Play / physical
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