Video Premiere: Spoken Nerd "Wrestlemania B.C. (feat. Gregory Pepper)"

It’s only been a couple of weeks now since Spoken Nerd released his latest effort, I Need A Friend Like You (Fake Four Inc.). It’s an album that easily flows from track to track, is well thought out melding rock and rap but in a different way altogether. While there is live instrumentation, don’t confuse this Nathan Conrad (who is Spoken Nerd) with anything Fred Durst rallying around, instead, you may want to imagine something much more folksy, held together with the occasional tongue in cheek lyricism. The single off of the album “Wrestlemania B.C. (feat. Gregory Pepper)” is quite unique. The song is addictively catchy with harmonies provided by that one anomaly that is Gregory Pepper. We’re fortunate enough to premiere the new video today, and Nathan has more than one thing to say about the video and the song itself.
“Wrestlemania B.C. is a song about love in the 21st century.  When I wrote this song I was knee deep in the process of trying to figure out how to propose, to my now fiancé.  The song has a lot of emphasis on the struggle between society’s expectations and our own dreams and ideals.  The title is taken from  Genesis where Jacob wrestles with God.” Nathan continues, “The song was sparked by the guitar piece my collaborator, Christopher Surratt contributed.  I was immediately blown away by this composition and brought it to my producer.  We called in Jane Boxall for drums and percussion as well as Simon Yeh for the sexy saxophone.  I wrote a hook but my producer (Ryan Griffin) and I both agreed that the song needed another voice.  I racked my brain a bit on who should sing this hook and when I introduced Gregory Pepper’s music to the room we knew that he was right for the song.”
The video was filmed by Meco Club in Lincoln, IL. and features wrestlers from Midwest Impact Pro Wrestling at School of Smothers.

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