Video Premiere: Rainbrother, "Black Chemicals"

Last year Rainbrother released the critically acclaimed debut album Tales From the Drought, which gave the group a ticket to SXSW Festival and frequent touring in their native Denmark, the UK and northern Europe. The five Rainbrothers also found time to drive their equipment out to an old farmhouse in the Danish countryside where they isolated themselves for two weeks and recorded a number of frontman Bjarke Bendtsen’s new songs.
The group now releases the first of those tracks “Black Chemicals,” which is about the dark side of falling in love, a shady place where demons and sneaky chemicals suddenly shoot out from the unknown and get the upper hand.
Bjarke explains: “The song is about all the beautiful and scary stuff that breaks loose inside of you when you love and want to be loved, about the big black animal that walks its own ways, defies all reason.”
Just like the other songs from last summer’s session, “Black Chemicals” has been through the mixing console of L.A. producer Kennie Takahashi who has worked with the likes of Beck, Black Keys and Danger Mouse. If Rainbrother fans notice a move from the softer alt-folk influenced sound of the debut album towards a sharper and more hardhitting sound on this new track it isn‘t a coincidence.
Enjoy the video below:

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