Video Premiere: Oceanography, "Split the Pick in Two"

The voyage of Oceanography’s upcoming album Collier Canyon can be viewed as equivalent to a roller coaster ride that ultimately seems to be headed towards a grim finale.  Mastermind Brian Kelly became a victim of unfortunate luck – his romantic relationship soon started to dissolve and discovering that he would be getting laid off from his place of employment.  With nowhere to go, Kelly set aside his plans to move to Los Angeles and set up arrangements living with a family member.  Once work began on piecing out the album, Kelly ran into more unfortunate circumstances that led up to him to at one point having to heal a head wound that was dressed on a stranger’s couch in Berkeley. 

This tale of Kelly’s bad fortune would soon go the other way, thankfully.  On October 4, Oceanography will be releasing Collier Canyon to masses.  Today, the band is sharing the video to the single “Split the Pick in Two.  Swaying between classic 90s indie rock and 80s power pop, the single offers up a lyrically driven atmosphere that shimmers brightly.

“It’s basically a song about a break up from the perspective of a child, and specifically how the child is able to find beauty in the wreckage while the grownups are too preoccupied with themselves to take notice,” Kelly says in regards to “Split the Pick in Two.”

“Not the most rock and roll subject matter… but I think a lot of people can relate.”

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