Video Premiere: Novy Svet, "Titan"

The twelfth release from Vienna duo Novy Svet is a sentimental collection that spans 12 years and 12 songs.  Recorded in their hometown, Vienna, Barcelona, and Hamburg from 1998 to 2010, the retrospective draws from across the band’s catalog, showcasing their defiance of genre boundaries.  Creating a fluid mixture of folk and experimental sounds steeped in the haunting tones of “neo-surrealist” instrumentation, Novy Svet’s DOCE is an avant garde masterpiece and an ideal entry point into an endlessly varied, apocalyptic folk scene that captivated European audiences in the late nineties, before heading the U.S. a decade later.
Today Ghettoblaster premieres the video they did for “Titan”.  Enjoy:

Nový Sv?t – Titan from Moduli TV * on Vimeo.