Video Premiere: Motherfolk, "Fold I"

We here at Ghettoblaster enjoy coming across independent music artists/musicians that are bold and unique. With the Cincinnati-based group Motherfolk, we have once again been blessed to hear more talent.
College friends Nathan Dickerson and Bobby Paver formed Motherfolk back in 2013. At the time, the duo had a penchant for writing songs together and embarked on trips to Nashville to record their first work. Since then, Joel Call, Ethan Wescott, Karlie Dickerson, and Clayton Allender have joined and the band has been never been stronger.
In 2016, Motherfolk released their highly anticipated sophomore effort, Fold. Deeply introspective lyrics and anthemic rock and roll are set up seamlessly within the eleven tracks, offering listeners an opportunity to experience a truly standalone project. Building on the strength of the original release, Motherfolk has released today a deluxe edition of Fold. Featured will be four unreleased tracks, three new music videos, and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos that offer a deeper look into the story of the album.
Today, we here at Ghettoblaster are thrilled to share the video premiere of the memorable, hauntingly gorgeous “Fold I”. Here is what the band in regards to the song:
“This is the first of 3 live sessions we did for Fold I, II, and III. The setting beautifully captures the emotion of the song, physically putting us right in the middle of what the lyrics deal with. It was a great experience and we’re really happy with how it turned.”

FOLD Deluxe Tracklist:
1. Fold I
2. Stone Against Stone
3. Control
4. Interlude
5. Wreck of a Man
6. Something Good
7. Fold II
8. Give My Heart Away
9. Ryder Robinson
10. The Only Fire
11. Fold III
12. All That’s Left (Bonus)
13. Control (Alt Version) (Bonus)
14. Wreck of a Man (Alt Version) (Bonus)
15. You
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