Video Premiere: Love Jerks Shares Its New "Holding Out For A Rocker"

While the husband/wife duo may still be living in their little shack of love, the Love Jerks are ready to celebrate the release of the album Million Movies, their very own rock opera out tomorrow, November 2nd. While calling San Francisco home, musicians Rebecca Bortman and Bryan Garza both share lead vocals for their project, which suits them just well considering both fronted local acts Scissors for Lefty and Happy Fangs. The duo wears influences on proverbial sleeves, never straying from what has fed their musical journeys so far.
It’s not difficult to even bother speculating the group’s musical theme for the video “Holding Out For A Rocker,” which celebrates the patience and persistence necessary to find your own spectacular someone. The band’s lyricism references the search for a “Purple Rain Peter Pan” and the wait for a “Bottle Rocket Barbarella” or a “Modern Day Princess Leia,” which sounds like a themed magical romance. It’s something everyone wants but we’re too impatient to wait for. When Love Jerks set out to make a music video to match this song that sounds like Karen O and Jarvis Cocker teamed up with The Flying Lizards, they wanted to live what they filmed.
Bryan says, “Those seniors sure know how to get wild on the dance floor. After we filmed the dance scene, I got to DJ for the residents a bit. Senior Prom DJ pro tip: Pro Tip: Don’t open the doors early, because they are ready to dance the moment sound check begins.” He adds on filming the video, “We had such a blast making this video! We are actually going back to Bayside to celebrate the premiere with our new senior buddies!” Rebecca has some thoughts as well saying, “The woman who played the older version of me, Penny, was a total hoot! I was a little hesitant to ask her if she’d consider wearing these pink hair extensions I got her. But she was sooo into them. Errhm, where’s my gif for intergenerational twinning?!?” And for her, “I know what you’re thinking because it was my first thought when we wrote the bridge for Holding Out: ‘Fiiiinally! A song with a robo-solo.’ Robots in conversation about intimacy and consent—now that’s what I call the future of hotness!”

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