Video Premiere: Kissing Party, “Jimmy Dean”

Kissing Party have mastered the painting the portrait of small-town life; finding yourself, finding others, making it through the day – through debt, regret, heartbreak, hair-dye and all.  What also comes with the band is their infectious DIY indie-pop ethos; airy vocals and crunchy guitars push drive the songs towards perfectly blended chaos in their town of Denver and beyond.

Kissing Party’s new album Mom & Dad serves as the inaugural release for the band’s own label, BBYV.  Recently, a Kickstarter effort that pooled over $5000 helped the band get their latest efforts off the ground.  Today, the band is proud to premiere the video for “Jimmy Dean.”  Lead singer Deirdre Sage’s lyrics center around having to “fight for basic rights, recognition & safety & the narratives created about womanhood that keep pushing us to really unhappy places.”

“You can still have your ass grabbed by a random stranger at a show. This song is about being stalked around the neighborhood by creeps, feeling unsafe in “safe spaces” & what it’s like being “the girl in the band” in 2019 when it feels like women’s rights are stuck in 1819,” Sage says.

The video encapsulates one of the rowdy sets that awaits you at a Kissing Party set.  Fast paced and adrenaline-filled, “Jimmy Dean” is loud and in your face.  You know, classic DIY!