Video Premiere: Julia Bhatt, "Tall"

Born in Boston, Massachusetts, but living practically the whole of her young life in Miami, Florida, 17-year-old Julia Bhatt was raised on a stimulating and expansive musical diet. She grew up listening to everything from classic rock, American songbook standards and bossa nova beats. It’s this variety of rhythms and melodies that shape the wide-ranging music she creates.
With an ear for unique sounds and styles, Bhatt’s music is infused with the broad array of influences from the music with which she grew up – her mom specialized in more of the classic rock side, whereas her dad showed her the smooth yacht rock of the ‘70s. Add to the mix modern influences like Rat Boy and the indie rock, pop and alternative that her older sister introduced her to, her own concoction is an ear-opening mixture that defies categorization. Writing engaging, fun hooks with great beats, she juxtaposes her honest storytelling that reflects observations about teenage life in the melting pot of Miami with deeply introspective lyrics on her on-going struggles with mental health.   

Today, Ghettoblaster has the pleasure of sharing the lyric video for her most recent single, “Tall,” a pop banger with a bossa nova backbone that she released independently in September. This is what she said about it:

“Well, ‘Tall’ is one of my favorite songs and Ernie is one of my favorite hedgehogs, so it just makes sense. She patrols the song to make sure you guys don’t mess up the words! I love this video and I couldn’t be more grateful to Charlene Kaye for it. I doubt you’ll find a better indie pop hedgehog crossover video.”