Video Premiere: John Cyrus "Game Of Love"

What’s old, sometimes becomes new. That’s become evident with the influx of 80’s-themed music, television & film programming in 2019. For many, it’s a welcome trend that hasn’t disappointed with its edgy cleverness.

John Cyrus is the collaborative effort of Darin Cyrus Rajabian and Nathan John Klages, both of whom first met in the sixth grade and had their own respective projects and have always pushed one another for the better, eventually deciding to combine their efforts. The Michigan natives moved to Nashville in hopes of growth through opportunities and have continued working together releasing single after single.

Today John Cyrus shares the new video for the single “Game Of Love,” a synth-pop number that ebbs & flows with nostalgia and beauty. The video itself contains an 80’s VHS grain that’s charming, without cheapening it with blatant inauthenticity. On the single, vocalist Sara Beth Geoghegan cooing vocals add so much depth to the single that’s already leagues way beneath where Jacque Cousteau has even dared to travel.

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