Video Premiere: Iakopo Shares “In The Back”

Looking back on his life, musician Iakopo has overcome some of life’s biggest roadblocks.  Born in California, his childhood was rather difficult.  Fortunately, the reggae star found love and acceptance after being adopted by a Samoan family on the South Pacific island of Upolu Samoa.
The island lifestyle suited Iakopo; the dependency to be involved in pop culture was never present or attainable.  Instead, the island townspeople were able to see, to feel, to understand, and to process the world in an organic, filter-free way.  “I think I benefited from my surroundings and the love that I received from the people. And I didn’t face typical Western world pressures to hurry up and do or be this; I wasn’t on the clock. I was very free l to explore and my mind was free to imagine and create,” Iakopo recalls.
Currently residing between Jamaica, Tokyo and Miami, Iakopo has found success within his work.  Some of the accolades include having Billboard-charting Japanese singles “Break Free,” “Love Like This,” “When I See You Smile,” and “I Believe”, along with his collaboration with superstar musician Shaggy on their single “Touch Down.”
Today, we are delighted to premiere Iakopo’s video for his latest single “In The Back”.  The video starts out by the musician buying marijuana from his dealer. From there, a jaunt throughout Las Vegas emerges that includes a routine traffic stop.  What happens next is something we will keep secret.

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