Video Premiere: CFM Shares New, "Greenlight"

Charles Moothart is no stranger to frenetically fuzzed-out guitar psychedelia and having heavy-handed jam sessions with likeminded individuals who barely scratch the surface with the musical splendor they create.

Moothart just released his third album under the CFM moniker, Soundtrack To An Empty Room (In The Red) but many will recognize his name as a frequent collaborator, the spirited Ty Segall. Moothart also conspires with Segall in the monstrously twisted GØGGS, along with Ex-Cult member Chris Shaw. But it’s CFM we’re here to talk about.

The new album crashes like stormy waves against jagged rocks, yet they’re completely inviting, tempting listeners to jump in without a swimsuit. Just to see what happens. The melody over pummeling rhythms is thunderous as CFM rarely lets up. That is, until “Greenlight.” The song slows things down and gives a different look at Moothart and CFM.

The band premieres the new video for the track and Moothart shares:

“The song “Greenlight” comes from a very vulnerable and surreal place in my mind. I wanted the visual experience to have a dreamlike quality similar to some Kenneth Anger movies. Josh had the idea for the humanoid wandering through a surreal feeling wasteland, and I thought the idea was great. Josh and Star did an amazing job making it feel like a dream sequence of confusion and conflict which is essentially what this song is to me.” 

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