Video Premiere: Blonde Mom Shares New Video " Myopic Thread"

Singer/Songwriter Andrew Olson is of a different stock. He writes and records under the moniker Blonde Mom and released the album New Brute (Drop Medium) earlier this year, back in March. Andrew Olson is indeed a clever songwriter while taking a deconstructionist’s approach to pop music, cutting and pasting tempos and instruments together where one wouldn’t suspect they’d go. Melodies and harmonies abound, creating a wondrous juxtaposition of sound and imagery. In short, the techniques utilized for New Brute are nothing short of amazing and inspirational. Blonde Mom takes a different approach to reworking everyone’s expectations of what music should sound like.
Blonde Mom shares the new video for “Myopic Thread,” which is a music video that guides viewers on a microbiological journey of the creative process, which teeters between chance and careful adjustments. The video was hand-made with vintage video hardware, combining animation with live action footage, 3D modeling, and analogue video synthesis.