Video Power Premiere: Brooklyn Pets – Mega Idiot

Artist: Brooklyn Pets

Song: Mega Idiot

GhettoBlaster brings you a special video premiere from Brooklyn Pets, for their single “Mega Idiot” off of their first EP of the same title! The video is wild! Yes!!! So wild you’re going to ask yourself what kind of drugs are these dudes on, first of all they recorded it primarily in one take!  Mark Reback (drummer) adds,  “well, we do like to indulge here and there, but that day we were only drinking lots of PBR… and there were some smokables going around as well, I believe. Had to keep our wits about us for the most part, because the video was shot with only one cut by our friends at One Collective here in LA!  The first 3/4 of the video is one long shot where we were running around like crazy from point to point, out of camera range, changing clothes, etc… Then we did the last performance bit separately and then they edited them together. We tried to make it like a psychedelic trip sort of thing, referencing the lyrics, but not in a literal way… We love unicorns and muppets, so we had to add them in there.”

Disclaimer: “No animals harmed, although James & I were bruised and sore the next day!”

Check out the exclusive premiere right here and for more from the band hit up the bandcamp to hear and purchase the EP here >>> Brooklyn Pets