Sweet Apple Shares "A Girl And A Gun" Video

Sweet Apple – consisting of members of Dinosaur Jr., Cobra Verde and Witch – has released a video for “A Girl and a Gun,” a psychedelic sci-fi odyssey taken from the band’s latest album, Sing the Night in Sorrow.

Filmed amid the ruins and ecological disaster of the Salton Sea and Los Angeles, “A Girl and a Gun” features a Spaceman who lands in the desert, walks over dead fish and through abandoned ruins. His story is recounted by a Marlene Dietrichesque woman in a dressing room, as she does  make-up before a performance. After getting pummeled in a run-down part of L.A. (by the woman and her pimp) the Spaceman ends up on Hollywood Blvd, where he finds himself at home among tourists and impersonators.
“The Salton Sea is this beautiful dying mass of water in the middle of the desert and the abandoned houses around it make it seem like some other planet that was once colonized as a tourist resort,” says director and Sweet Apple singer-guitarist John Petkovic. “In some ways it was; its heyday in the 1950s and ’60s as a resort getaway is long gone.”