Sulu And Excelsior Premieres Video "Misery Luv"

Sulu And Excelsior premieres the new video for the track “Misery Luv.” The song is the new single off the album Eddie Romero which was released late last year. We’ve previously mentioned how Sulu And Excelsior has a soulfulness that will smack you straight across the face and have you coming back for more. Steven Mallorca, the driving force behind Sulu and Excelsior, gives some background information on the “Misery Luv” video:
It’s a personal video that digs deep into my family archives (both film and real-life heirlooms) and sorta becomes a stream of conscious time travel experience between generations, from NYC to Chicago to the Philippines. Outside the Super 8 film footage I found, the props also play a big part – the same stereo that’s in the Super 8 film footage is the one we shot in the video, and my Dad still uses it to this day.  Same goes with the headphones, the Super 8 camera and mic…. and it was crazy how much footage I had of me as a baby gripping that mic!