Skinny Girl Diet Release Video For "Silver Spoons"

At times, people just can’t handle the truth. Skinny Girl Diet is relentless in their punk ways and showcase they can rock as hard as anyone else. The song is from the group’s 3-song E.P. Reclaim Your Life.
“This group will not be ignored; they will not go away and you can be sure as hell that they don’t give a DAMN about you, me or anyone’s opinions, for that matter. They are like the punk power puff girls slaying all the monsters our society has to offer. Defying labels and not being bound by gender or overshadowed by being a ‘girl band’ they certainly put any skeptical, critical, sexist men in there place. Maybe ignorance is bliss but if you want to take off your rose tinted spectacles and face the undisguised reality then Skinny Girl Diet are more than happy to open your eyes.”