Serengeti + Sicker Man Share "Impress A Girl"

Serengeti first began in 2003 when Chicago’s David Cohn offered to add his voice to the world of hip hop. Since then, Serengeti has been bringing his Chicago heritage and distinctive take on hip hop to the musical world, where he has been extremely prolific, generating 15+ albums since his origin.
Perhaps most notable of those records is that of Dennehy, on which Cohn drives home his Chicago heritage into his rhymes via a fictional character, Kenny, that he raps as, even rapping in a Chicagoan accent and references the prominent sports teams and regional favorites of the Midwest. But rapping as a character or a personae is nothing out of the ordinary for Cohn, and his vast catalogue shows him changing and progressing his sound constantly. These changes are often accompanied by various collaborations and side projects. Serengeti has collaborated with the likes of Polyphonic, Hi-Fidel, and Odd Nosdam on his own studio albums. In 2014, he also teamed up with Sufjan Stevens and Son Lux to become a member of the project Sisyphus.
Fast forward to 2013, Cohn met up with Tobias Vethake, aka Sicker Man, in Bonn, Germany, and they collaborated to create Saal. Though they had collaborated before, this album showed a departure for Cohn from his tight knit verse and featured him singing along to the orchestral pop music that Vethake added to the mix.
2016 sees Cohn and Vethake teaming up again, but this time in Berlin, where they recorded their album Doctor My Own Patience, which was released December 16 on Graveface Records.
Here’s Serengeti + Sicker Man’s single “Impress A Girl”.