The Sacred Shrines Premiere New Video "Apollo"

It doesn’t happen too often that a psych/garage rock group, like Australia’s own Sacred Shrines, wraps elements of other styles and blended them to create such a racket that’s pretty bad ass and derivative unto itself.  Thick layers of fuzz and wah-wah surrounded by a heavy bottom end. That’s what the Sacred Shrines accomplish here with “Apollo.” Today the group premiere the new video for the single, which is off the album Come Down From The Mountain (Rogue Wave Records) set to drop on November 17, 2017.
About the new album, vocalist Phil Usher shares:
“Apollo” was one of the very first songs we wrote when we started Sacred Shrines. It’s a good representation of the heavier drone side of the band. The song deals with the dilemma of coming down from dizzying highs through the lens of the men who first walked on the moon and how they must have felt returning to earth after having such a profound and unique human experience.”

 Album Track List:
1.) Come Down from the Mountain
2.) Pretty Thing
3.) Lights Turn Green
4.) Curious Chemistry
5.) Perfect Dream
6.) Apollo
7.) Hung Up on Your Wall
8.) Collisions
9.) The Badge and the Gun (listen HERE)
10.) Blocking Out the Sun

Preorder The album here.
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