Rituals Of Mine Share The New Anti-Trump "No Time To Go Numb"

Electronic duo Rituals of Mine shares the new track “No Time To Go Numb,” an anti-Trump call-to-arms. The rallying cry falls in line with Terra Lopez’ This Is What It Feels Like project, which attempts to stamp out the misogynistic patterns in everyday culture.
The group addresses the song’s deep issues:
“We started writing this song on Inauguration Day. It was a bleak time in the studio and we were feeling very hopeless, like most of the country. Two years later and the collective fear and disgust we all felt are still there, if not compounded, and that really inspired every lyric in this song. I wanted to address things that stay on my mind: the mediocrity of men and how our society treats womxn, the strength of the LGBTQ community and the resiliency of POC. I’m angry but also hopeful and ready to fight, to keep fighting. I’m so tired of seeing the same shit repeat itself – it’s time we set the bar higher. This song is an anthem for the LGBTQ community, to womxn and to people of color. We carry so much on our shoulders, on our hearts. And this current administration continues to burden us and place us in danger, so we have to stick together. This is my way of showing up for us.”