Precyce Politix & K-Hill Share Video "The Feeling"

Have you ever had one of those times when everything just seems to flow easily in the right direction with minimal effort? Newly formed Hip-Hop emcee/producer duo NY’s Precyce Politix and NC’s K-Hill articulate that reflection fully with the Johnny Mathis inspired “The Feeling” video [Shot by Dan S. Lewin]. The two put together a lyrical exhibition, showcasing metaphors, punchlines, subject matter and a classic delivery, epitomising what a true emcee should be without a whisper of mumble, consider it a ‘fuck you’ to the mainstream. Taken from their recently released E.P. Precyce Politix & K-Hill are: Stallone & Weathers, it’s the third video and a continuity storyline from the duo’s previous two videos “The First Line” and “Olympics” feat. Mosca Flux.