Luck & Lana share video for "BWOMP"

After releasing their first full-length album, GO, and a video for the track, “Keys,” Luck & Lana are back with the visuals for “BWOMP,” an unrelenting sonic assault of hip-hop and electronic brilliance courtesy of LA production duo Kill the Computer. Coupled with Living Legend Luckyiam’s smooth, unmistakable flow and creative partner Lana Shea’s seamless contributions, the track hits hard with an insatiable energy. Directed by Jake Handegard, the video follows the foursome through an all day mission.
“The audience doesn’t know exactly what it is yet, but they’ll find out more in the follow-up,” Lana explains.”Throughout the video we are being pursued by these two guys in suits, who look just like the guys who drugged them in the last video, ‘Keys.’  They’re after something the rappers or ‘action heroes’ have in a bag.
What’s in the bag? Will the heroes escape? Will the villains prevail? At the end of the video, Lana gets to do her thing with a snippet of the next track on GO, a clear indication of what’s coming next. The song blends into “Type,” an infectious banger featuring hip-hop vets Ras Kass and Chino XL. Tune in soon for the next installment to find out what becomes of Luck & Lana.