LA Art-Punk OBJECT AS SUBJECT Share Feminist Video "Weaponry"

Led by Paris Hurley, Object As Subject returns with a new video in tow for “Weaponry,” a track off the album Permission (Lost Future), released earlier this year.
“‘WEAPONRY’ is an exploration of states of anger. This work is about women, made entirely by women. Director and OAS band member, Megan Fowler-Hurst, and I created the choreography from a collection of words like ‘gather’, ‘starving,’ ‘devour,’ and ropes,’ picking up where our last video, ‘REMOVAL‘, left off: women gathered together, supporting each other in their vastly resilient individual and collective power. ‘WEAPONRY’ is a destruction of the misogynistic myth that women expressing their anger is something to be brushed off, cast aside, demeaned, minimized, and silenced.
We are not hysterical; we are powerful advocates.
We are not too aggressive; we have strong boundaries that serve + protect us.
We are not irrational; we are connected to ourselves + our feelings.
We are not shrill; we are exhausted + continuing on.
This work is a call to turn inward and ask: Who gets to be mad? Who gets to be believed? Who gets to be taken seriously? Who gets erased? What do you turn away from? Who do you listen to? Who do you show up for?”