Kipp Stone Shares New Video For "Vacation"

East Cleveland MC, Kipp Stone, one of the newer faces in Hip-Hop, has announced his debut LP Dirty Face Angel out 12/8/17, self-released and distributed by Empire. Produced by longtime collaborators and fellow Cleveland natives Blockhead Johnny and Mr. Anderson, the LP also included features from Niia, Nuke Franklin and V’Ari. Two years in the making, Dirty Face Angel is a triumph in storytelling putting the listener in East Cleveland with 360 views of the neighborhood, city and Kipp’s perspective of it all. Of the album, Kipp states: “Dirty Face Angel is special to me because I finally get to open up to the people. Its how I dealt with temptation in my neighborhood versus how my homies faced that same temptation. People who got caught up doing “dirt” to their core were noble and giving people hence dirty face angel. The project represents polarity and me being torn between right and wrong and how you can become a product of your environment.”