Guided By Voices Reunion Tour!

If you’ve cracked open a single issue of Ghettoblaster, you are well aware of our continual fascination with all things Robert Pollard. So you can bet your face that we were excited when a Guided By Voices announced a reunion for a one-off show in Las Vegas for Matador’s 25th anniversary.

But now the news has reached us that our Ohio heroes will be touring as well. Hear that faint squealing noise? That’s the sound of our collective electric joy rising up over the heat of summer.


Although no dates are confirmed, GBV will follow that reunion show with some United States dates. This will be Pollard’s first tour since the Boston Spaceships outing in 2008 and the first GBV shows since disbanding in 2004.
“I’m not sure this will end after this particular tour,” [Pollard] said. “But after this has run its course, that’s the end for Guided by Voices. My justification for even doing it was, we’re old, but we’re not completely feeble yet. We can still do it a little bit, so we better do this before that happens.”