From The Horse's Mouth: Graham Patzneris (Whiskerman) on NOMAD

Whiskerman has been hinting at the apocalypse ever since they released the song of their namesake, Whiskerman , a story about the messianic Jesus figure humanity has been waiting for at the end of days. Now, with NOMAD ,their new album produced by Jeff Saltzman (The Killers, Blondie), there’s no holding back.
Known in the Bay Area for their often raucous shows, Whiskerman has taken to lush string arrangements framing bold prophetic lyricism in their most recent effort. Fronted by Singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Graham Patzner, Whiskerman utilizes the structure of a classic rock band to convey a timeless familiarity, luring the listener into a new mythological landscape with a story for our time. The songs of NOMAD were written through the anxiety and uncertainty constantly revealing itself in our society towards the collapse of industrial civilization. Somehow they manage to make it all sound so catchy.
Whiskerman has gone through basically all of the growing pains a band can go through from their folkier self titled first album to their soul driven EP, BAD NEWS Produced by Tony Berg. They have maintained a working man’s band approach the whole time from playing dives to dance halls, festivals and grocery stores (don’t ask). Drummer Nick Cobbett, Lead Guitarist/Sitarist Charles Lloyd and Bass player Will Lawrence, all active members of this growing machine for five years, bring a tight groove, powerful dynamics and virtuosic chops to the landscape of Patzner’s songs.
They finally found a match in Jeff Saltzman, who worked closely with the band to push them from their rock and roll backbone into a grander more symphonic sound. Working with their new label, OIM Records, who released NOMAD on October 9, the momentum and ambition continues to grow for this humble quartet.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with lead singer and songwriter Graham Patzneris to discuss the album.
When did you begin writing the material for NOMAD
Nomad is a collection of songs reaching back as far as five years.
Which of the songs on the LP is most different from your original concept for the song?
Both ‘Otis’ and ‘Consistency Of Grace’ were meant to be on an intimate solo record with more of an acoustic approach. Once we brought them into these sessions they grew significantly larger in scope.
It’s been two years since the release of the Bad News EP How do you feel you’ve changed, musically speaking?
Since Bad News we’ve recorded 2=two records (another one to be released next year) and I think we’ve just really embraced the strengths of everyone’s playing and stretched the sound to be able to meet the potential of the music. We’ve also been able to spend a lot of time in recording studios so we’ve gotten a lot more familiar with that process.
“Cardinal City” is a gorgeous song, with some biting lyrics. Can you give us some insight into what that song’s about?
The song is about bathing in the lap of luxury and decadence and waking up into a world in chaos, having all your feelings about it, and carrying on with the party.
You’ve referred to Jeff Saltzman as the perfect match for you. What is it about he relationship that worked so well for all parties?
Jeff has great ideas and the skill to be able to execute them. It’s really helpful to work with someone who can say yes or no to our ideas and really manage the work pace in the studio. He gave us a lot of time and space to work out the music, where usually you are on the clock. He’s been doing it a long time and has got to a place where he has as much time as he wants to work on the music he wants to work on, which is a refreshing feeling for everyone involved .
What are your touring plans for fall/winter?
Just did a tour along the west coast and are looking to next year for more touring plans now.
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01.08 • Great American Music Hall (San Francisco, CA Record Release Show))