From The Horses Mouth: Dälek, want to set some things straight!!!

“I seen some questions on social media…I wanted to take some time to speak on what’s going on right now and to squash any bullshit before it is ever whispered or spoken.

As you may now know, I will be touring in 2015 as Dälek. The line up for this tour will be myself, along side original Dälek DJ:  rEk on the turntables, and Mike Swarmbots on samplers and effects.

 rEk was the DJ on ‘Negro, Necro, Nekros’ and for part of ‘…Filthy Tongue.’ He was on the original Dälek tours of the indie rock circuits in the US in the late 90’s and was on the first European tour when we opened for The Lapse in 1999.

Mike Swarmbots has been a long time musical collaborator, tour mate (Destructo Swarmbots), Tour Manager, Dälek Guitarist, and partner in Fill Jackson Heights. He will be manning the Samplers, Effects, etc for this upcoming tour.

No, Oktopus will not be involved with this tour. No, there is no beef between me and Oktopus. At this time we are just on different musical paths. That is all, nothing to read between the lines, no drama, no hidden story. He has been busy pursuing his projects MRC Riddims and BKGD Audio, like I had been concentrating on iconAclass and Fill Jackson Heights.

On the last iconAclass tour I performed a few Dälek tracks and it re-sparked a want to continue the noise, sound, and content that the Dälek moniker has come to represent.

I am excited to get back on the road and perform joints that are very dear to me.

As I have said before, deadverse is a family and Okto is and forever will be my brother. Period.

– dälek”