Charlee Cook (Linear Downfall) on Sufferland

Linear Downfall, an experimental band from Nashville, is known for seamlessly blending psychotic noise along with beautiful melodies. Their music taps into the highs and lows of life and challenges one to look inward. Their live show is intense and jarring captivating the audience from beginning to end. They have self-released three albums and one EP, extensively toured the U.S., and caught the attention of the Flaming Lips which led to their side project called the Electric Würms.
Sufferland is a full-length album that is accompanied by a film. It is described as, “A walk through the many compartmentalized landscapes in the mind of a tormented girl who is under the control of a tormented man.” The film was chosen to be a part of the Nashville Film Festival 2015. The highly visceral music demonstrates to listeners that they can be free to feel and know that they are not alone.
Ghettoblaster recently caught up with LD’s Charlee Cook to discuss Sufferland. This is what she told us.
When did you begin writing the material for Sufferland?

We started writing/recording Sufferland right after the release of Fragmental Hippocampus in early 2013.
Which of the songs on the LP is most different from your original concept for the song?
We aren’t sure. We kind of just let the songs write themselves.
“Violence” is a really stressful song to listen to. I almost feel like my heart going up when I hear it. Was that part of intention in writing it?

Yes. We were definitely trying to create tension. We wanted the music to make the listener feel what the lyrics are about.
Sufferland is releasing in a few weeks. Is that also the release of the accompanying film? Or has that already been released?
They both will be released together on November 6. The DVD of the film is included in the vinyl.
You’re touring the U.S. all fall and winter. Any hint as to what’s in store for ’16?

We will tour as much as possible, work on a new album, and try to get over to Europe!
(Visit Linear Downfall here:
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11.12 • Northside Yacht Club (Cincinnati, OH)
11.13 • The Stone Tavern (Kent, OH)
11.16 • Palisades (Brooklyn, NY)
11.18 • UMASS (Amherst, MA)
11.20 • Pilot Light w/ Day and Age, Ex-Gold (Knoxville, TN)
11.21 • The Cleanears (Atlanta, GA)
11.25 • SpaceBar w/ Turtle Island (Columbus, OH)
11.27 • The Moon (Grand Vapids, MI)
11.28 • PJ Lager House (Detroit, MI)
11.30 • Memory Lanes (Minneapolis, MN)
12.03 • Rhinoceropolis (Denver, CO)
12.04 • Diabolical Records (Salt Lake City, UT)
12.08 • Siren’s Song Tavern (Eureka, CA)
12.09 • The Hemlock Tavern SF w/ Everyone is Dirty, DaMaDa (San Fransisco, CA)
12.11 • Non Plus Ultra (Los Angeles, CA)
12.17 • Spanish Moon w/ Rareluth (Baton Rouge, LA)
12.18 • Thirsty Hippo (Hattiesburg, MS)
12.20 • Queen Ave w/ Faun and a Pan Flute (Nashville, TN))