Fred Thomas Announces New Album, Shares Video "Good Times Are Gone Again"

Fred Thomas is set to drop his new album Aftering, out September 13th on Polyvinyl. The new album ties the knots of the trilogy that began with 2015’s All Are Saved into 2017’s Changer. He’s been making music nonstop for years when a seismic shift in his creative process happened in 2013. Something mystical opened up in the fall of that year and the prolific songwriter moved from his already emotionally open style into an unprecedentedly direct and vulnerable lyrical approach as well as new levels of detail-fixated production. The songs took on a new urgency, inspired by a feeling that life was beginning afresh while at the same time a lifetime of experiences were cementing into worlds of memory. The results of that creatively eruptive time began with 2015’s critically hailed album All Are Saved, continued into the turbulent pop of 2017’s Changer and now float into Aftering, a record that feels like the final chapter of an unofficial trilogy.

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