Death of Lovers ready LP, release video for "The Absolute"

Death of Lovers have been anything but dormant since the release of their stellar 2014 debut EP Buried Under A World Of Roses. Amidst three members’ grueling tour schedule with their other band Nothing, Death of Lovers carved out time to focus, demo, write, and shape a newly polished sound. Recently, the quartet released a punched-up, blissed-out video for “The Absolute,” the first single off their forthcoming full-length, The Acrobat, which will be released November 24 on DAIS Records.
The video, directed and edited by Amanda Siegel, breathes technicolored life into Death of Lovers’ lush and lovelorn sound. Domenic “Nicky” Palermo (accompanied in harmony by drummer Kyle Kimball) tackles selfishness and greed one plaintive lyric at a time ( “A senseless world of worth, deceived by needing, and the crow who perches on your tongue – reminding you it won’t be too long.”). Emotive as it may be, the ruminative track is just a toe dipped into The Acrobat’s emotional wellspring. Pre-orders are available here.