DATAROCK Share Promo For New Album 'Face The Brutality', Share Single "Ruffle Shuffle"

Fueled by a heavy amount of beer and electronic music pumping from the stage of an outdoor festival, four Norwegian friends were inspired to form their own band. Since that summer day at the start of the millennium, DATAROCK has taken their spur of the moment idea and have been forging ahead with countless shows in underground clubs and festivals across Europe.
It’s been nine years since DATAROCK have released any studio material, a period of time that will soon come to an end. The band has released a promo officially announcing ‘Face The Brutality’, which is slated to drop in 2018. DATAROCK also released a new song that will be included with the album titled “Ruffle Shuffle”. Listeners will immediately be pleased with the band’s vintage touch of woozy electro-pop sound within the single.  After you watch the stellar promo, make sure you press play on “Ruffle Shuffle” and dance away.   The single just may make you get the urge to start your own band.